Meaning: remarkable, excellent,
Irish form of queer

What is Quare?

Quare is a reader-funded weekly online Irish publication
full to the brim with diverse and exciting voices and stories.
We bring you a virtual hug with joyful content,
radical ideas and colourful creativity.

Meet the founders


Nadine Reid

Born in Handsworth Birmingham to Jamaican parents, Nadine Reid was raised by her Mother, two aunts and two uncles. Nadine spent her twenties living it up as a celebrity Makeup artist, creating looks for Jedward, Faye Dunaway, pre-Kim Kanye West, Quincey Jones and British Royalty.  After working in the UK and Paris,  Nadine made the jump to Ireland to embark on a career in TV. Formerly a presenter on Xpose, Nadine now works as a freelance journalist presenter. Nadine also moonlights as a model and was the first Black plus-sized woman to star on the cover of an Irish fashion magazine. After taking a DNA test Nadine discovered she has relatives in 60 countries which formed the basis for her upcoming podcast “More Irish than Obama”. Nadine now lives in Dublin with her housemate a 94 year old woman called Minnie.

Taryn de Vere

Taryn de Vere is an autistic, bisexual journalist, artist and fashion activist. Though originally from Australia a series of failed romantic endeavours resulted in Taryn residing in Ireland and she is now desperately trying to get the Irish government to accept her citizenship application. Possibly the most colourful woman in Ireland, Taryn also runs an online shop selling penis earrings and political badges.  A peer – reviewed artist, Taryn has several pieces in the collection of the National Museum of Ireland. Taryn has been married 8 times (it could be 9, she’s quite forgetful) and she now lives with four of her children in her house in Donegal, along with two rabbits and one cat.