Meaning: remarkable, excellent,
Irish form of queer

Edition 9

Change is an inevitable part of life but when it’s forced upon you suddenly it can be hard to adjust. Our lives were turned upside down in 2020 with a global event that connected us all in shared fear and grief. Orla Egan writes about losing a loved one during a pandemic and having to learn new skills as a result of coronavirus. Taryn de Vere looks back at what she describes as “another year of being a grown woman who gets treated like a fecking child”, and calls upon the men of this world to treat women like capable adults.  To see out the last few days of this trash-fire year we’ve got Nadine Reid sharing a New Year’s Eve cocktail which you can make while you listen to our  “Party like it’s not 2020” playlist. Finally, the QNM has a soothing, kind message to carry you into 2021.